Cliq2 Mini-rant
  • DannOfThursDannOfThurs October 2010

    Let's forget about the OS and the Motorola marketing screw ups for a second. The Cliq is a good piece of hardware. I don't know why the White was such a piece of junk compared to Titanium but the build's solid. The keyboard is the best one out IMO, I do love the large trackball on it (easier to game & CLI with...go figure!). If Motorola's willing to put some effort into supporting Tmobile users (which I doubt, since rumor mill says this is their last phone per contract), this new Cliq2 might even outshine the G2. With that in mind, let's look at a couple of other aspects that could float or sink this.

    Motorola as a support structure is horrible. They are unable to handle multi-carrier releases and this keeps being proven. As a result they have lately been hiring new android devs like crazy so it's obvious they were horribly understaffed, and as a result had to concentrate on their "cash cow", Droid. Let's be honest, if we were owners we'd do the same thing. The company needs cash to continue paying salaries, and as a result concentrate on what brings the most in. Where they screwed up - and constantly - was the lack of honest communication. Dext \ Quench users are completely hosed at the moment. They're not getting an update - PERIOD. US are the only ones that are b/c we'll raise so much noise on it that it'll kill their stock prices since we're home turf. If it wasn't for the modders (Follow @simply-android) we'd never even have decent updates. They don't even have the full source code out on their site (minus 3D, Blur, etc.).

    The commitment to communication is even worse. We're constantly left in the dark. Let's say we all agree on the carrier preference - that's still not an acceptable excuse to not properly relay status updates to your other sources of income. They have twitter, facebook, etc. etc. - and they can't say what's going on, not even a "hey, we're working on it"? As a real-life example, the CliqXT is finally getting a much-needed stability update today. No idea how long they've had that tucked away since it's been out for so long but you can probably bet that the deployment was shelved until they cleared out their Verizon items to fully support deployment. They didn't announce they were working on it, or that it was coming (or even needed). For all CliqXT users, it would have diffused a lot of frustration by at least letting them know that something was coming. That's something they haven't done well in regards to Android 2.2 either. Their first real communication was today, and that was due to a snafu on their end (check twitter / #cliq or #cliqxt). Thankfully, Tmobile also came around to confirm that yes, an update is definite and coming.

    What we're more tired of are the lies and unfulfilled actions, especially since they're voiced by the CEO (etc, iirc). If the company head(s) can't stand by their statements, why are we buying their products?

    That, my friends, is what Motorola needs to fix. They need to tell the truth, even if it hurts, instead of stringing people along just to make a sale. If they promise support (which they did), they should fulfill it. Hopefully Motorola Mobile branching off into its own thing will help this in the long run.

    Motorola, if you read this, consider this mini-marketing analysis free of charge.


  • tonymy01tonymy01 October 2010

    Agree 100%. Motorola have shot themselves in the foot for me, guaranteed I will never purchase another of their products, they clearly only give a hoot for the US market.

  • rbeier1221rbeier1221 October 2010

    It's a shame they didn't do a better job with the Cliq. They have picked up a lot of customers with the Droid, but lost a lot as well thanks to bad word of mouth. I agree, it is a decent piece of hardware. Unfortunately that alone is not enough.

  • ToxigenicpoemToxigenicpoem October 2010

    Very true! Well said brother!

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