[ROM][WWE][Nov.30.2010] TMOUS WM w ANDROID COOKED IN! BlueTopia 1.0.3 by cmylxgo
  • SuperSportSuperSport December 2010

    My UltraLite ROM with the following Android Built In (Screen Shots Below):
    Desire Sense - BlueTopia v1.0.3 by cmylxgo
    FAST, STABLE, COOL as Heck! Thank you cmylxgo for allowing me to cook your fantastic builds into my ROMs. If you like this version of Android, please take the time to thank cmylxgo in his thread.
    Booting into Android is controlled by My Android AutoBoot MortScript.
    This ROM is for people who want to run Android on their HD2, but maybe don't know where to start. I've spent many hours getting this all working together and working out the bugs so you don't have to. Just run my AutoFlash file, Wait 20-25 minutes, and you will be running Android on your HD2. No worries about where to copy things, or what Radio works with what ROM.
    (As well as Android CAN work on an HD2)
    The Windows Portion of this ROM is based on latest T-Mobile 3.14 with almost everything removed, and Radio Not really worth booting into WM as it's VERY stripped down, and it's just used to load Haret to get Android going.
    If you want to Flash this ROM, then change the Android build to another, you may, by replacing the Android Folders on your SD Card with your desired Build.
    Please read all below before starting. Warning, this will erase all your data and your current ROM. Please backup your DATA First! You can always flash back to your prefered ROM if you don't want to keep this.
    Watch the Videos or Follow the 7 Steps Below.

  • SuperSportSuperSport December 2010

    Step 1. Download: Download all files listed here.
    a. HardSPL3 Required. If you already have HardSPL3 flashed, you can skip this.
    b. Task29 provided by doloop.zip Required.
    c. AutoFlash SuperSport w BlueTopia 1.0.3 by cmylxgo w Radio v3 Required.
    Grab All 4 Parts. Sorry so LARGE!! It's the only way to include everything. MediaFire allows Multiple downloads at a time, so if you have a fast Connection, grab all 4 pieces at once.
    Step 2. Unpack Files: Unzip Task 29 and HardSPL3.
    Step 3. Prepare SD Card: Clean old Android and any Android helper folders OFF SD Card ie: Android, Media, FilesToBeDeleted, etc. Recommended - For best results, backup your card, then re-format FAT32.
    Step 4. Insert SD Card: Be sure your SD Card is re-installed in your HD2 if not already.
    Step 5. HardSPL3: If needed, Flash HardSPL3: Run HSPL3_PKG.exe that you extracted earlier, or be sure you’ve already done it in the past. Follow the instructions found HERE if you don’t know how to install it. This will take about 3 mins.
    Step 6. Task29: Run Task29 provided by doloop.exe that you extracted earlier. This should be done before ANY Flash, not only this one. If running Windows Vista or 7, you must Right Click and Run as Administrator. Be sure your phone is connected by USB before running and follow the instructions. It’s just like flashing a ROM. When it reaches 95%, press and HOLD the Volume Down button until it reboots into Bootloader Mode (Red, Green, Blue Screen). This will take about 2 mins.
    Step 7. Flash My ROM: Be sure your SD Card is installed in your HD2, then Flash your phone with my ROM. Be sure your phone is connected by USB then enter Bootloader Mode (Red, Green, Blue Screen) by Holding Down the Volume Down button while turning on phone. Run the file "AutoFlash SuperSport w BlueTopia 1.0.2 by cmylxgo w Radio.part1.exe", the one with My Icon. Follow the Instructions until your phone Reboots. This will take about 9 1/2 mins. Windows will Automatically Reboot a couple more times. Please Wait for Android to start loading. Do NOT touch anything during this step.
    Step 8. Wait while Android Starts: Android will now start initializing. You will see the Green hTC logo. Allow Android to set up the Data Space. This takes a LONG time! Be VERY Patient. Up to 10 mins the first time (Mine was 8 mins, Future boots after the first time boot quickly). It will sit on the HTC logo for a LONG time, then blank screen, then final boot. When you see the Slide Down to Unlock Screen, Android is running!!! Complete the Android Setup, then do a final Reboot to finish setting all the programs. To Reboot Android, press and hold the Red Hangup/Power button, then select Reboot, then Select Normal and OK.

    That's It, Enjoy!
    Installation Video:
    How to Prepare for and then Flash My ROM with Android Included

    To Sync Android with your PC, you can use your Google Account, or HTC Sync. HTC Sync allows Photo and Music Sync along with Side Loading APPs.
    If you want to prevent the phone from booting into Android, press cancel when prompted just after phone starts up. It will be in WM on a white screen. You only have 6 seconds before AutoBooting into Android Happens.
    To Flash another ROM, enter Bootloader - Hold down the Volume Down button while powering on your phone, then Flash your prefered ROM. You can run another Windows Mobile ROM and keep the Android Build on your SD Card if you prefer. Just flash another ROM, then browse your SD Card to the Android Folder, then run CLRCAD.exe, then haret.exe.
    Installation Timing Table:
    Start Flash
    WM Flash Complete after
    9 Minutes 20 Seconds
    2 Reboots - LET THE PHONE DO THIS. DO NOT Manually Reboot your phone.
    Moving Android to SD Card. Looks like nothing is happening, but it is. Be SURE to wait for this.
    3 Minutes
    Reboot to Green hTC - Also let the phone do this. DO NOT Manually Reboot the phone.
    Green hTC Turns Off after (Important, This is where the Data File is being created, wait for this)
    7 Minutes 30 Seconds
    Droid Sound and Blue Logo after
    30 Seconds
    Android Lock Screen after
    1 Minute 30 Seconds
    DONE! Unlock and finish setting up accounts, etc... NOW you can Manually Reboot one more time.
    This is how long everything takes on My HD2. Your's might be slightly different, but it should be within a minute or two for each step. Different SD Cards MIGHT effect the time taken. If something seems to be too long, give it an additional 1-2 minutes for each step, then try again.

  • SuperSportSuperSport December 2010

    Stripped WM ROM used to Boot Android:


    BlueTopia 1.0.3 Android Buildimage

  • ToxigenicpoemToxigenicpoem December 2010


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