Defy Recovery
  • rbeier1221rbeier1221 December 2010

    Found this on the XDA is the original thread:

    Quote from tenfar:

    Hi Guys,

    Finally, with my hard work based on Koush's Clockwork Mod recovey.

    I made a Customize Recovery for Defy Users.

    you can download from here.

    The pic below (did not include) shows the recovery menu and some Themes ported from android 2.3 with some nice color mod.

    if you guys like my work .please buy me a beer~ Thanks.

    Mirrors are Welcome.but please include the original Sources. Thank you.

    First you need got your device rooted

    then Install this apk File,

    Cilck the Install Recovery System.

    then clikck ok in superuser permissions.

    the you can boot into normal mode or power off or boot into recovery mode.

    Enjoy. I will working on a custome rom. when it's release will let you know.

    at the mean time you can wait for other developers to release their custome roms. eg. Handler's deblur rom.

    original sources (DO NOT USE--SEE LINK BELOW)

    Here is a mirror: (DO NOT USE--SEE LINK BELOW)

    another link (DO NOT USE--SEE LINK BELOW)

    **EDIT** Here is a link to an update that resolves the boot loop:

  • stevechoustevechou December 2010

    good job!

    maybe  it's turn for Handler's rom. LOL

  • HandlerExploitHandlerExploit December 2010

    Here is a direct mirror from my dropbox

  • HandlerExploitHandlerExploit December 2010

    The Chinese recovery just bricked my . Be careful guys, I am looking into what happened now.

  • rbeier1221rbeier1221 December 2010

    That's strange. I made sure to test it before reposting here and it worked just fine. Hope it's something simple!

  • yyhoneyyyhoney December 2010

    it bricked my defy once. but i reflashed again and it worked fine.

    so i just wait for your rom with HE-Launcher

  • KhrushyKhrushy December 2010

    I've found the recovery to be a bit hit and miss. It always works the first time after a fresh ROM flash / custom recovery install, but after that it may or may not put me into a bootloop it seems.

    At which point it's back to a stock ROM flash and try it all over again.

  • deadzonedeadzone December 2010

    same here :(

    bootloop , only a full stock rom flash brought my defy back to life .

  • rbeier1221rbeier1221 December 2010

    Still no problems here. I have backed up and restored several times testing jboogie3's ROM without issue.

  • KhrushyKhrushy December 2010

    Updated Recovery version in aforelinked thread seems to work just fine now.

  • MilkyShutterMilkyShutter December 2010

    I just came across an interesting clip. It seems that we will soon see a custom froyo of our beast.

  • breezabreeza December 2010

    just looks like the boot animation has been changed.

  • deadzonedeadzone December 2010

    new version works PERFECT !

    biiiiggggg thanks !!

  • breezabreeza December 2010

    Yep new version is great! Patiently waiting for Handlers ROM .  .  .  .

  • HandlerExploitHandlerExploit December 2010

    It looks like a custom bootanimation with adwlauncher...

  • matheustardivomatheustardivo December 2010

    The new version worked perfect here too.

    I did backup, restore of @JBoogieBop ROM and restore of my backup. Everything works fine.

    Now, just waiting for @HandlerExploit ROM.

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