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  • jaydub

    I am assuming you are using Linux ( if not I strongly recommend you do ).

    Here are a couple templates.

    This one is for boot images:

    Just add boot.img to root of .zip file and the appropriate dhd.ko to the /system/lib/ folder.

    This one is to add data:

    @ngoridano gave me this to help me learn about the updater-script.

    Which brings me to the final piece for tonight. I recommend you open up some ROMS/Flashable zips
    for the cliq. navigate to /META-INF/com/google/android/ and read the updater-script file. This is the
    soul of flash-able zips.

    Also androsign is a great program for signing zip's and apk's:

    Just unzip navigate to the androsign-1.0 folder and run "sh" ( without the double quotes )

    Now just run "sign" from the terminal follow the on-screen instructions.

    Hope all this helps let me know if you have
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